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Investing in Las Positas College

Investing in Las Positas CollegeThough more than 9,000 students attend the college each year, Las Positas may be forced to turn away qualified students in the future.

The current state of the California state economy and budget is well known. The impact on higher education has been devastating. While the UC and CSU systems have turned away students in the past, community colleges, such as Las Positas, have always had open enrollment for high school graduates and others over 18 years old.

Projections for the years ahead suggest that community colleges will be forced to deny admission to a growing number of students due to reductions in state funding. It has become increasingly clear that Las Positas College will only be able to grow and accommodate all interested students by supplementing state funding by investments in the College Foundation.

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There are many ways to invest in Las Positas College. These include:

Direct Support to the College for general (so called "where needed") Foundation projects;

Restricted Support for a particular program, discipline or scholarship. Such support can also be made as an honorarium or as a memorial;

Planned Giving support is the perfect way to leave a legacy at Las Positas. It can be as simple as a bequest in a will or involve more complicated forms of giving. The Las Positas College Foundation works with several highly credentialed independent attorneys who will be happy to provide pro bono assistance in developing a planned giving plan.

Commemorative Giving is a growing area of support that leaves a legacy on campus. Currently the "Winners Walk" is a commemorative brick program outside of the Physical Education Complex. For as little as $100, supporters can have a brick placed with the name of the donor, a friend or family. In the near future, robust commemorative giving options will be announced at the College Center for the Arts and other campus locations.

However you decide to support Las Positas College, you will be investing in the future of our students, investing in the growth of the Tri-Valley and investing in all of our futures. The Las Positas College Foundation is an IRS-certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (IRS number: 71-0942040). Contact The Las Positas College Foundation for more details.