Signature Programs at Las Positas College

Students Won First PlaceThe largest “program” of the Foundation is it’s wide range of scholarship opportunities, notably the Mertes Scholarships in these areas: Performing Arts; transfers to a 4-year institution; LPC Basketball Team graduates and scholarships for LPC or Chabot students enrolled in health fields.

Our LPC Foundation Endowment Fund, which we work to increase, provides ever more stable and increased funding for student and campus support.

The goal of all the Foundation programs is student success – that is the key to what the Foundation engages in.


Veterans Resource Center

The award winning LPC Veterans Resource Center provides wrap-around services for student veterans.

Math Jam

The LPC Math Jam program helps participants to reach their math goals and is free for all students.

RAW Center

This no cost tutoring center supports development in Reading And Writing.

2Gen Fund

A program that covers child care expenses for LPC students with children enrolled in the college’s child development center.

Performing Arts Programs

Providing support for a wide variety of performing arts programs through grants supporting creative teaching and learning.

Sandia Science Bowl

The Science Bowl is a “Jeopardy”-like event for high and middle school students who have a strong interest and academic ability in mathematics and science.

Lawrence Livermore National Labs Science & Engineering Program

This seminar series provides LLNL scientists and engineers a forum to share basic and applied research with LPC students and faculty.

Textbook Challenge Program

Student textbook costs are greatly reduced by this opportunity to rent and return books for other students to use.

Foundation Grant Program

Throughout the year, grants of up to $5000 are awarded to the LPC faculty and staff for innovative teaching and learning projects.

LPC Scholarships

One of the primary missions of the LPC Foundation is to provide much needed scholarship dollars for deserving students. To date, the Foundation has awarded over $900,000 in scholarship support.